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At Hora PharmEd, we embody a unique fusion of academic excellence and industrial prowess. Originating from the esteemed halls of the University of Medical Sciences in Tehran and other prestigious institutions across Iran, our team comprises accomplished university professors who are dedicated to the pursuit of pharmaceutical innovation.
Having recently concluded rigorous Research and Development on hyaluronidase, we are proud to mark a significant milestone on our journey towards contributing to the global healthcare landscape. Our success in this endeavor amplifies our resolve to further delve into the realm of pharmaceuticals, with a keen focus on the production of anesthetic drugs.
Hora PharmEd is more than a pharmaceutical entity; we are a testament to the synergy between academia and industry. Our collaborative environment is designed to foster groundbreaking research, high-quality education, and the production of essential medical supplies that cater to the pressing needs of the healthcare sector.
Our vision is crystalized in every endeavor we undertake, aspiring to elevate the standards of medical provision both locally and globally. Through our comprehensive approach that intertwines research, education, and practical application, Hora PharmEd is committed to pioneering solutions that propel the pharmaceutical industry forward, ensuring better health outcomes for all.
We invite you to explore our website and discover the extensive range of projects, products, and educational resources we have to offer. Together, let’s shape a healthier future.
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